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"Music Tales Vol. 2"
This charming CD contains favorite children's stories accompanied by beautiful classical and new music.  Music Tales Vol. 2 contains Hansel and Gretel with music from Humperdink's Opera; Jack and the Beanstalk with music of Dvorak, Grieg, Smetana, and Borodin; Little Red Riding Hood accompanied by the Serenade of Goetze; Tortoise and Hare with music composed by Rex Martin; Custard the Dragon with a rhythmic Mozart Symphony no. 25; Pecos Bill with the quintessential music of Aaron The Big Red Barn with Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland; and three e e cummings poems with new music composed by Silas Durocher.  Children of all ages will delight in the stories and sounds of this amazing CD! 

Price $14.99